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1. Filling out forms and other requirements to start your own real estate firm ?...........I will assist in all forms required to get your Company Licensed. This includes the Department of State and the Licensing Bureau.

2. Am I available for any questions that you may have in running your real estate firm?  Yes I am.  In most cases immediately and always the same day.  If you text me, you will receive an immediate response, e mail same day response, phone call usually immediately but no later than 15 minute.

3. Who is Listed as Broker on your Contracts?  Your Company will be Listed as the Broker on all contracts.

4. How do you  receive your  commission for a completed transaction?  Your Company will receive the commission directly from the Title Company or Licensed Attorney who handled the closing.   Since you own the company, you will write yourself a check from the company checkbook.  As the Qualifying Broker, I will not be involved in any money transactions.

5. Single Transaction Real Estate Service Florida - Georgia: I will perform a single real estate transaction in Florida and Georgia for you if you are not licensed in those states. I am a highly experienced broker of record who will execute your real estate transaction for a one-time flat fee of $1200. I am a qualifying real estate broker of record for many firms located in Florida, Georgia and Ohio.


Please contact me through the contact form or call (941) 302-3849 to discuss my single transaction broker of record services for you.


6. What states am  I Licensed as a Qualifying  Broker?  Presently I am a Qualifying Broker in 5 states.  They are Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Illinois and Tennessee.  Florida and Georgia allows me to have sponsorship and represent more than one firm while the other 3 states restrict my license to representing only 1 firm with few exceptions.  However, I will be able to complete a single transaction for you in any state for which I have a broker license for a flat transaction fee ( See single transaction).

7. Physical Office?  In Florida, I will provide my physical office for out of state companies if needed.  This will involve an additional fee.

8. What do I charge to be your Qualifying Broker?  For residential and commercial sales my qualifying broker fee may range from $250/monthly(few agents) to $800/monthly(many agents).  Everything is based upon risk involved for becoming your qualifying broker.  More agents, more risk.

In property management, my fee is based upon your previous experience in this area of real estate and whether you are a franchisee representing a franchisor.  Fees usually start at $500/monthly and can go up to $1000/monthly.

9. Ownership?  I have no equity in any of the firms that I represent.  My fees are flat with no additional charges.


10. Do I represent franchise owners of real estate brokerage companies?  Yes I do.  Presently I represent as the qualifying broker of record four franchises.  There is less risk for a qualifying broker in franchise sponsorship as the owner(s) have significant financial assets invested.  Less risk means less compensation for a qualifying broker. 

11. What expertise do I bring to your firm as a Qualifying Broker?  Fifty years as an investor in real estate as a principal investor in commercial and residential projects.  Initially you wish to retain my services as a Qualifying Real Estate Broker so you can do the activities of real estate under my license.  It is my responsibility to make sure you are always in compliance with the rules and regulations of the real estate commission.  I am personally responsible for all of the activities of the licensed agents under my broker license within your firm.

12. Do I know your real estate market?   "All real estate is local," thus my knowledge of your market area valuations is not sufficient.   Therefore I do not pretend to hold any special expertise. 


13. When are you charged for my service as your Qualifying Broker?  The effective date is when everyone is completely licensed.  Everyone refers to the Company (CQ) and Broker (BK) license.  At the present time the DBPR has up to  21 business days from receiving the RE7 (Company License) and RE13 (Qualifying Broker Multiple License) to complete licensing. 

14. How many Realtor Associations and Multiple Listing Services do I belong to?  As a Qualifying Real Estate Broker of Record I belong to over 25 Realtor Associations along with the Multiple Listing Service that serves each Realtor Association.

15. Why Me? Retaining a Qualifying Real Estate Broker is an important decision you must make. I am the best choice for your real estate firm.  You will have no commission fees, no transaction  or desk fees.  You will be able to focus on growing your brand, bring licensed agents into your real estate firm and multiply your revenue stream.  Throughout this process our service will be there to support your efforts.

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