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What is a Qualifying Real Estate Broker?

A Qualifying Real Estate Broker is a Person legally responsible for a real estate office. Some of the specific duties and regulations differ in some states, but the general responsibilities of a Qualifying Real Estate Broker Include:


  • Supervision of all real estate licensees working under the qualifying broker’s license

  • Act as the official broker for real estate commissions

  • The Broker Of Record can provide training and continuing education related to the real estate profession. 

  • Record and maintain files of real estate transactions using state and federally approved forms. 

  • Update staff and licensed agents about any rule changes in the laws and license requirements and offering access to the correct forms and disclosures

  • The Broker of record is responsible for maintaining a strong ethical environment in the office and enforcing it when agents transgress

  • The BOR requires company to have in force a professional liability policy and comply with all state licensing requirements

  • The principal office will maintain a  checklist of required legal documents that must be signed and retained by law

If you need a broker of record in Florida or Georgia to execute a Single Real Estate Transaction, I can help for a one time fee.


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