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Qualifying Broker

  • You can be the independent owner of your own real estate residential, commercial,  business brokerage or property management company as a licensed Real Estate Agent with the guidance of a Real Estate Broker in Florida or Georgia. Further, even an individual investor without a license in Florida or Georgia can own a Real Estate Brokerage company. No commission charges and office or transaction fees.


  • I am a licensed active Real Estate Broker that will Qualify you to start your own Real Estate Brokerage Company. I will assist you in all of the state filings to accomplish this goal with the Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBRR) and the Florida Secretary of State. In Georgia, Ohio, Illinois and Tennessee we will have similar state institutions. Also, my main function is to make sure you are in compliance with all of the requirements of the DBRR and to assist you to become successful in this endeavor.


  • To be your Qualifying Broker of Record,  my fees are negotiable. I require that you sign an operating agreement and carry a professional liability policy.

  • As part of our service, we keep an Attorney on retainer at no additional expense for our clients.

  • Retaining a Qualifying Real Estate Broker and opening your own real estate firm enables you to create your own brand.  You will retain 100% of your commissions, hire your own licensed agents, and charge a transaction fee and/or split commissions from those Licensee's in your Company.  Control your destiny.


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